About School of Golf

At Scandinavian School of Golf, we make it possible for Europe’s best golfing talent to combine professional sports with academic studies at Halmstad University.

Scandinavian School of Golf is an independent complement to the university degree Professional sports targeting golf 120 hp. Scandinavian School of Golf is a privately funded initiative that provides students in the program great opportunities to develop as golfers while studying sports science at Halmstad University. This opportunity is unique in Europe.

The concept started in autumn of 2008. The motivation being that there was no equivalent education available in Sweden. The alternative was to travel to the U.S. for education and training. However, this is a concept that has proven to fit only very few players since the training culture in the United States differ quite a bit from the Swedish. Halmstad University is known for its comprehensive curriculum and is also located in one of Sweden’s main golf regions, providing the right conditions for a unique program such as School of Golf.

Being a golfer today is tough and full of demanding trials. Increased knowledge and insight about the various elements of the game significantly increase the chances of success. In addition, a university degree provides better prospects in life after a golfing career is over. A sense of security to fall back on!

The sport

Halmstad offers the very best conditions for golf. Several great golf courses are located at a convenient distance from the school providing excellent training opportunities outdoors from March to November. Many of the golf courses also offer unlimited fitness and practice opportunities for the students. When conditions in Sweden are limited by the weather, our students also have an opportunity to train at Penha Longa in Portugal. Students at School of Golf log about 200 training days at Penha Longa in January-March. The sports facilities at the University provide additional training opportunities throughout the year since there are large nets available in the athletic hall designed to capture golf balls.

Students at School of Golf have access to a variety of support people over the years at the University. This support is available both within the athletic development as well as from the teachers of the courses included in the program. Some also have dual functions as both a teacher and coach. This increases the potential of theory and practice being linked together in a good way. Learn more about these under “teachers & coaches”. The support network connected to School of Golf also consists of physical therapists, doctors, diet advisers, psychologists and sports psychology counselors.

School of Golf offers training opportunities that are simply unparalleled in Sweden.

The education

The program “Professional Athletics – Golf”, 120 ECTS at Halmstad University lead to a degree in sports science. The training includes academic studies in subjects such as sports psychology, anatomy, physiology, and sports biomechanics. Elective subjects such as economics, marketing and entrepreneurship are also available. Some of the practical elements of golf in the courses also provide university credits since the theoretical and practical segments are connected.

The program is aimed at those who already play golf at an elite level and want to combine the game with higher education. Both course content and length has been adapted allowing for training and competition activities during the golf season. A high level of golf skills is required both to meet the entry requirements to School of Golf, and to fully appreciate the education (see information on admission).

We have elected to run the equivalent of a two-year-program over the course of three years, which means that the academic pace average at 67% speed of normal. This creates a flexible approach with room to adapt the studies to suit individual needs. The program also provides web-based courses where students can view lectures and carry out examinations online.

The academic courses are divided into a compulsory sports block and a block of elective subjects of the students own choosing. Since they are part of a specialized program our students have a guaranteed space in all courses they are authorized to take at Halmstad University. Of course, the students of the program are entitled to CSN student loans.

Our core values


The Scandinavian School of Golf program focuses on developing the athlete from a broader perspective than just their career as a pro golfer. We feel that providing an academic base for a lifetime career in sports after the athletic career is over is just as important. We look at the athlete as a whole, not only the athletic ability, and it is important that all the students in the program feel supported from that point of view.


Halmstad University is one of the leading academic institutions in the country when it comes to research in the fields of sport and health. The high standard of the research programs available in areas such as sports psychology mean that we can provide the very best prospects for our students. We also aim to lead the way in the technological advancement of the sport by providing access to the latest technical equipment, the very framework of Scandinavian School of Golf aim to boost the sport to new levels.


Our students’ desire for successful careers as professional athletes is what drives the entire program – from research, academic requirements, to the available resources designed to foster athletic growth. Providing a truly professional concept that lives up to the expectations from these aspiring pro athletes is the challenge that keeps us motivated. By keeping the focus of the program on sustainable, long-term development, we are convinced that our strategy will lead to success, both on and off the course.

Program description

The program consists of courses from two main tracks; psychology and the physical aspects of golf. The courses in psychology include sports psychology, social psychology and cognitive psychology. The courses that are linked to the physical aspects are anatomy, movement, physiology, exercise theory and sports physiology. In addition, a course on interdisciplinary sports injuries, which means that it covers both psychological and physical aspects. The following is a summary of the program courses:

Year 1

  • Anatomy 1: 7.5 ECTS
  • Sport psychology 1: 10 ECTS
  • Kinesiology: 10 ECTS
  • Social psychology in sport settings: 7.5 ECTS
  • Physiology with a focus on physical training golf: 10 ECTS

Year 2

  • Psychological foundations within sport injuries: 7.5 ECTS
  • Exercise training 1: 7.5 ECTS
  • Cognitive psychology with a focus on sport/golf: 10 ECTS
  • Sports physiology with a focus on golf: 12.5 ECTS

Year 3

  • Research project within sport sciences: 7.5 ECTS
  • Elective classes: 30 ECTS

All courses are linked to golf through practical exercises, project assignments and examinations. In several courses practical exercises are included in which course material is linked to golf, often by playing on the golf course. This means that players have the opportunity to reflect on their own development in relation to the course content.

Third year students choose elective courses for 30 credits, either from the University of Halmstad curriculum or from other universities. These courses may involve supplementary skills in golf, or allow for further degrees after completing the golf program. The golf program is concluded with an in-depth study in their own chosen area within the sports science field.

Application, admission and degree

The deadline for applications is April 15 and applications are submitted at www.studera.nu. Special qualifications apply both in terms of academic subjects and sports skills.

Theoretical requirements: Ma B och Nk B alternatively Fy A, Ke A och Bi A.

Golf-related requirements: Applicants must be able to produce an average result of 78.0 strokes/round (ladies) and 76.0 strokes/round (men) or better. These results need to be obtained within the last year and from certain competitions.

For more information on the sporting skills requirements, please refer to the document provided to the right. You will also find the application form regarding your sporting experience which is required in order to complete your application.

The program leads to a Bachelor’s Degree (120 ECTS credits) in sports science. In case there is an interest for further studies, these points will provide a good base.

A professional career

Students at School of Golf are offered absolute top class conditions for developing as golfers. The environment on campus and the tailored academic studies along with the player’s individual circumstances creates tremendous opportunities for the students to reach new levels in their golf game.

Should they not succeed to secure a career as professional golfers, they can fall back on an education that provides a good base for other careers both in and outside the field of golf. There are several areas in golf where the knowledge that students gain at the university may be used. For example, equipment, training, landscape, physical education and sport psychological counseling. Although this will require some additional training to work in these fields, the education provides a foundation for many other professions, new knowledge and understanding.

For those who choose to continue their studies, the university credits earned from the program can be applied toward a different degree. In order to get a Bachelor’s degree in economics, for example, only three complementary semesters are required (or two if the basic course in economics is chosen as the elective during the third year).

There is therefore no doubt that the education provides a solid foundation regardless of career. In addition, we encourage the students to keep in touch with each other and new students in the program, this creates a large network of golfers who can support each other throughout life

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